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We represent the warehouses that we ship your wood from, we are not a middleman.  The warehouses that we ship from have been in the hardwood industry for years and are among the largest and most reliable wholesale suppliers in the U.S..




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PLEASE NOTE:  We have discovered that a lot of people are confusing the grading with the finish of the wood.  Premium Grade is from the heart of the tree and virtually knot free.  The decking boards are ready to install BUT depending on the finish you are looking for.

Some people are looking for a basic wood look to match their home while others may be looking for an exceptional smooth finish to match a more modern design.  Please keep in mind you may have to do some sanding and/or use a cleaner before you apply your finisher.

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Below are just some of the Brazilian Hardwoods, Advanced Decking Materials and
Deck Building Accessories that we supply...






Ipe is a beautiful walnut color Brazilian Hardwood that makes not only make the perfect deck but is low maintenance and long lasting as well. Ipe consists of dark brown tones. When the sun hits it you might even see a reddish or greenish tint. Ipe is known as Brazilian Walnut.

8' and up starting at $3.36 a linear foot.

3' - 7' starting at $2.67 a linear foot.

Shipping directly from the warehouse to you - keeps our Ipe prices from sky rocketing.

















Garapa Deck
Garapa is a Honey Gold color which is why it is a lighter color choice and less expensive alternative to Ipé.









Massaranduba Deck
Select Massaranduba is a rich Brazilian Hardwood that is a little lighter in color than Ipé and has a beautiful reddish cast to it.









Jatoba Deck
Jatoba is known as Brazilian Cherry and has a beautiful reddish cast to it.  Jatoba is a Brazilian Hardwood and has a Janka hardness rating of 2350, that is about 2 1/2 times harder than Oak.









This is absolutely beautiful wood.  It is endangered or threatened in its limited native Central and South American habitats so all of our Honduran Mahogany is Plantation grown at our Fiji Plantation.  Plantation grown wood in the perfect lengths for decking is very rare.









Cumaru boards
Cumaru is a great choice for your new Brazilian Hardwood Deck. It is wonderful for your new deck if you are planning to use either face screws or a plug system.  Cumaru is also known as Brazilian Teak.










Angelim Pedra close up
Angelim Pedra is a hardwood with a prominent grain pattern which makes for a very rich looking deck.  If you like a natural grain pattern in your wood then Angelim Pedra makes a great decking material due to it's hardness and appearance.  The coloring runs from a tan color to almost a yellowish color with brown and darker red vertical grain.









Greenheart Pilings
This species is very well known for its use in dock and harbor applications.  Greenheart is commonly used for marine piling due to its extreme hardness and high resistance to marine borers.









Western Red Cedar boards
Western Red Cedar decking has natural performance characteristics, a unique look and makes an exceptionally beautiful deck which brings both warmth and character to your deck.

2" X 6" X 8' Decking Boards starting at $1.80 a linear foot.









Cypress boards
Cypress is more stable than a pine product; it simply won’t try to twist or move the same way pine will over time. Cypress utilizes an MCQ, Micronized Copper Quaternary, treatment to protect it against the elements for a longer life span.

1" X 6" X 8' Decking starting at $ 1.02 a linear foot.









Synergy Pre-finished
This is a great product and has a unique finish on it.  Easy installation and exceptional beauty are what makes Synergy Pre-finished Cypress perfect for your next project.  They include pre-finished tongue and groove lumber with a unique end-match design.  All of this wood are available with matching trim as well as crown and base moldings to complete your project.

1" X 6" X 6' starting at $ 2.74 a linear foot.








Ipe Clip Extreme
Ipe clips are made specifically for Brazilian Hardwoods (such as Ipe) to give your deck a clean, sleek look with no screw heads showing.  These clips are made to go into the grooves that can be milled in the sides of your boards.  The Ipe Clip Extreme fits into the groove while the stainless steel screw goes through your hardwood and then into your joist to hold your hardwood boards securely in place.  This is a very stable hidden fastening system.









Deck Clips by Grabber
The Deck Clip system is a unique design that securely grips deck boards, locking them in place. The screw goes straight down into your joist so there is no pre-drilling needed. The base of the clip makes spacing boards easy, creating an even 1/5th inch gap between boards. These are great hidden fasteners.









Headcote color match
Pre-drill and countersink with one bit
- in one motion!

Color matched screws will blend in with whatever hardwood you are using!
Smart Bit Tool












Pro Plug System
Pre-drill and countersink for both your screw and plug in one easy step. 

Kit includes screws, plugs and a special glue applicator cap.
Pro Plug example

















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